Have you

Have you shed a crypto tear? We did!

The CryptoTearsNFT collection represents our tears, the tears of the crypto world.

Join us on Twitter to catch a spot on the whitelist.


CryptoTearsNFT is a limited collection of 8,888 unique characters that live on the Ethereum blockchain.

During our exciting journey through the Cryptoverse, we have experienced a wide range of emotions. This carousel of feelings is what inspired us in shaping and bringing these expressive characters to life. Each NFT portrays an emotion ignited by memorable crypto events.

Join the CryptoTearsNFT Community to discover (or remember) historic crypto moments!


The CryptoTears NFTs items will serve as whitelist spots on our next utility NFT collection.

The logic for our next collection is finalized and will be launched later this year (2022).

More details coming later this year.


What is The CryptoTearsNFT project?

It is a collection of 8888 unique Tear NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. Every NFT is carefully designed, inspired from real crypto events, and impeccably crafted.

When can I mint a CryptoTearsNFT?

June 2022. Exact date TBA.

What is the smart contract address of The Crypto Tears NFT project?


How can I get a whitelist spot?

There are regular whitelist giveaways on Twitter. Stay tuned for other whitelist opportunities too.

What is the minting price?

0.04 ETH (+ gas).

Will there be a public mint?

First minters will be those few that have free mint. Then, after 24 hours, the whitelisted will be able to mint. After another 24 hours, if the collection will not be sold-out, the public minting will be enabled.